Press Release – Two New Boats From Imaginocean

Sydney (Australia) based C.Way Pty Ltd has released details of two exciting but very different projects: an 8 metre superyacht tender and a 47 metre motor yacht. C.Way was set up to build luxurious custom and semi-custom boats in a streamlined and rational way, so that costs can be contained without compromising on quality. C.Way’s first major project, the 37 metre Tango, was partially built at Oceanfast-Austal, before being fitted out by C.Way. Proof that it is possible to build a vessel of the highest quality, without the excesses that are commonplace in the sector.The decision to custom build a tender was born out of the need for an attractive, functional day boat that offers protection from the weather, whilst still permitting the enjoyment of water sports. Tasmania-based Imaginocean Yacht Design (IYD) was commissioned to bring the project to fruition. Designer, Will Allison says, “There’s any number of limousine-style tenders out there: but they are a single use vessel. The objective here was to create a practical boat that would serve as a comfortable tender, but also be suitable for a range of other activities”. The result is an edgy-looking 8 metre boat with seating for up to eight guests and crew. IYD employed a combination of aluminum for the hull and structure, with composites for much of the interior, to produce a durable vessel, that is also light enough to be lifted onto the aft deck of the mother ship. Hull number one is currently under construction in Hobart and is due to be launched by the middle of 2012.

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