Press Release: Have todays waterski enthusiast been Brainwashed???

I worked as a water-ski instructor for a few years and was a State slalom champion back in the days when I wasn’t bright enough to realise that the water here in Tasmania is COLD!!I’ve owned and operated inboard ski boats from most of the top manufacturers – both US and Aussie made. I’d have to agree with much that our phantom poster has said: Inboards are slow, noisy, leak, vibrate, awkward to launch and recover, go rusty in salt water, have no room in them, they go sideways in reverse…the list goes on.

I solved all of the above by buying an outboard.:!:

Like Gonzo, I would have to take issue with a number of the claims made, though. The placement of the ski pole for instance is best located at the boats centre of turning, so any boat will benefit from having the pole located some way fwd of the transom. Indeed competition outboard boats have their pole located some way fwd too.

The reason the transom is flat is to create the smallest possible wake at tournament slaom speeds – up to 36mph. It does produce a very rough riding hull – but then these aren’t offshore raceboats!

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